P&I - Additional Covers

Shipping containers are seen on a large shipping vessel

Below you will find a list of some of the additional covers we provide - however, please contact your dedicated underwriter to discuss your specific needs further.

  • Bunkers Insurance
  • Bunkers Extraordinary Expense Insurance
  • Cargo Owners Legal Liability (COLL)
  • Shipowners' Liability Insurance (SOL)
  • Delivery of cargo without production of Bill of Lading
  • Delivery of cargo to a person not named in such Bill of Lading
  • Failure to discharge all cargo on board
  • Carriage of Cargo on terms less favourable than the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules
  • Failure to arrive or late arrival of the vessel at the port of loading or failure to load cargo
  • Geographical Deviation of the vessel from the contractual voyage
  • Cargo being carried on vessels other than that named in the Bill of Lading Cargo, including mail and/or merchandise, being stowed in spaces not certified for the carriage of cargo
  • Cargo remaining on board the vessel during dry-docking
  • Cargo being transferred from one point to another by water and/or rail and/or motor trucks and/or other conveyances
  • Cargo being transhipped to any port or ports, place or places (including both under-carriage and over carriage of cargo) instead of being carried on board the original vessel to the destination stated in the Bill of Lading
  • Cargo being discharged onto lighters at any port or place prior to the surrender of Bills of Lading by the consignees or their representatives
  • Cargo being lightered to other than the scheduled loading or unloading berth Cargo
  • Cargo being stored on lighters before loading or unloading berth
  • Cargo being stored on lighters before loading or after discharging from the vessels
  • The Assured’s liability to and in respect of cargo being loaded and/or discharged in a port different from that stated in the Bill of Lading

    The SOL is further extended to include:
  • Liability arising out of the issuing of ante and/or post-dated Bills of Lading
  • Cargo loaded on deck with under deck Bills of Lading being issued
  • Liability arising out of the issuance of the Assured’s Bill of Lading against Carrier’s Bill of Lading
  • Issuance of clean Bill of Lading when mate’s receipts were claused
  • Drug Seizure
  • Extended Contractual Liability (ECL)
  • Protective Co-insurance
  • Slot and Space Charter
  • Transhipment / On-carriage
  • Through Transport Liability
  • Container Hull Insurance
  • Container Third Party Insurance
  • Freight Insurance
  • Storage of Cargo (Warehouse risk)